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Purpose-built for nonprofits, 4Giving makes it fast and easy to connect with people in moments of generosity.

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Inspiring Moments of Generosity

Built for Today's Generation of Giving

Mobile and online giving is growing fast. According to Nonprofit Source, "In the last year, the percentage of smartphone owners making mobile payments grew by 36%." We've built 4Giving from the ground up to be fast and mobile friendly no matter when and where moments of generosity occur.

With so few people carrying cash or a checkbook anymore, and so many people turning to the web for giving to their favorite causes, 4Giving is ready to help your organization connect with modern giving in fresh and powerful ways.

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3 Steps to Fundraising Success

  1. Start

    You've got a great cause, and our platform makes giving easy. Create your account and we will help you get set up, including Stripe for secure donation processing. Once your organization is set up and approved, you're ready to start promoting and collecting funds.

    Laptop screen showing a published cause ready to share with QR code and other easy-to-share options
  2. Promote

    When your fundraiser is ready, your unique 4 digit code, QR code, and quick-link make it easy to share on social media, your website, promotional materials, flyers, signage, coasters, text messages, etc. 4Giving makes it incredibly easy for donors to securely donate whenever and wherever they are, engaging moments of generosity.

    Donor scanning a promotoional QR Code and landing directly to 4Giving's fundraising page for Rochester Arts and Sciences Acadamy
    Large banner for Union College with a large QR code to promot donations on 4Giving
    Fundraising page for Great Pets Rescue & Rehab loaded on a phone with a dog in the background
    Promotional card for RASA (Rochester Arts and Sciences Academy) with instructions on how to donate along with a QR code
    Rounded square cards with easy donate instructions and a QR code for easy donations via 4Giving page
  3. Grow

    Because we've made it super easy for donors to give wherever they are, this is the simplest step! You can focus on spreading the word, and rest easy knowing that money raised will go directly into your organization's bank account. You can set up unlimited fundraisers, each with its own 4 digit code, QR code, and quick-link.

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Any cause, any time, any place.

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Success Stories

By using 4Giving's tools such as the QR code and quick-link, these nonprofits raised the money they needed to create greater impact. How about your cause?

4Giving Is Helping These Organizations & More

From our Founders

4Giving has helped many organizations discover new moments of generosity. We believe generosity is everywhere, it is beautiful, and it changes the world.

- Chris, Matt, Lindsey, & the 4Giving Team
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Why You Should Use 4Giving

  • Donors get immediate receipts
  • Mobile-first platform
  • Personalized fundraising landing page
  • Dedicated and personalized customer support
  • Unlimited additional fundraisers
  • Cost effective compared to traditional fundraising activities with decreasing rates as you grow (more for your cause)
    • 4% for first $25,000
    • 3% for second $25,000
    • 2.5% beyond $50,000
    • + credit card processing fees
Hands raised to help showing love and care

Example QR Code

Scan the QR Code below with your phone

On iPhones and many Android phones you can just point your standard camera app at this and it will prompt you with a link. Every fundraiser gets its own free QR code, so you can share and print on all your promotional materials, flyers, signage, coasters, etc.

Example QR Code
Great Pets R&R

Letter from Our Founders

Sometimes inspiration occurs at unexpected times. You could be driving in a car and hear an inspiring story on the radio, you could be at a musical event and feel inspired to help fund musicians, or you could be at a church and feel inspired to help with a building fund. We at have had many moments like this... in fact this is what started our company. In 2017, our incredibly generous grandfather had recently passed away. The day after his memorial the church pastor discussed their need for financial help to continue their long-term community assistance programs, but more urgently, to fix their air-conditioner. Inspired by our grandfather's years of church service, this was a perfect moment "for giving." Unfortunately, the ability to give in this moment was hampered by not having a checkbook or much cash or other safe and secure way to contribute by phone. The offering plate passed by having sadly gathered only a few dollar bills and some loose change. This is when the core idea of 4Giving occurred - a platform to help "easily capture moments of generosity wherever and whenever they occur." Through 4Giving, nonprofit organizations now have a simple, fast and secure way to engage this generosity without cash, checks or pledge cards.

The first 4Giving fundraiser was quietly launched at an unrelated dinner event in December of 2017 and quickly raised thousands of dollars for the fund! Since then, 4Giving has helped to raise a great deal of money for a variety of nonprofit organizations in all kinds of settings. We believe Grandpa would be extremely proud of this work, since, like him, we believe that generosity is everywhere, it is beautiful, and it changes the world.

Welcome to the 4Giving Family!

- Chris & Matt